“Experience the Joy of building your own Folk Harp”

Cambria Harp Kits and Plans

presented by Mountain Glen Harps LLC and Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases

About Us

The wife and husband team, Laurie Nielsen and Glenn Hill, has been providing well designed, quality folk harps at a reasonable price since 1992. A combined experience of 65 years assures that you are getting the best product available. We specialize in fine, professional harp kits and blueprints for harpists and woodworkers to use in building a great sounding harp.

building your own harp

Building Your Own Harp

Building your own harp can give you a rewarding sense of achievement as well as a quality harp at a modest price. We offer the Cambria line of Folk Harp Kits & Plans. These are excellent quality instruments versatile for use by harpists of all levels from student to performance.

Cambria harps are compact, and travel well. With our light weight, bump and water resistant case your harp will be protected.

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Harp Kits

Cambria Lever Harp Kits are well designed, with extensive instruction manuals. The Stage 1-3 manuals total 72 illustrated pages. You end up with an instrument you can be proud of. Since people vary in their level of skill, so do the Cambria Kits. They come in three different levels, four, if you count the “plan only”. You can buy the manuals separately so you can see which stage is best suited to your skill level.

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